Are you living your best life?

Are you bound by the expectations of your friends, family, and work?  

Beauty Unbound can help you break free from the forces that bind you, so you can live an authentically beautiful life defined by the only person that matters: You.

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Beauty Unbound by Dr Kalpana Sundar w:Sl


Dr. Kalpana Sundar

At the age of 34, I thought I had achieved everything I wanted.  A career, husband,  beautiful home, and two wonderful sons. I had even battled cancer and won.  My life checked all the boxes of success and fulfillment. 

Even though I felt unfulfilled, others told me I should be happy with my life- even if it wasn't the life of my dreams. It took me 48 years to realize I was living everyone else's dream instead of my own.

 Was it too late to make a change? Was I forever bound to this life  I worked so hard to create, but never really wanted for myself?

In Beauty Unbound,  I share lessons on my journey to become unbound: to regain control of my life after a career in medicine, motherhood, cancer, divorce, and more.



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