• Dr Kalpana DePasquale

What Does Beige Say About You?

We live in a world of conformity. No one wants to stand out or be different. Fitting in feels like hanging out in your favorite pajamas. Beige is neutral so we wear it, paint our walls with it, cover our floors in it, and even drive in it. No other color makes a more unoriginal statement than beige.

What if we all had beige personalities? Beige means dependable, conservative, and flexible, as well as neutral, calm, and relaxing. But beige is boring as h#$*.

Here is what goes through my mind when I see someone who is beige:

  • They are afraid to be unique. Being beige is the perfect way to fit in and not get noticed. This works especially well if you are uncomfortable in your own skin and don’t have a sense of who you are.

  • They are safe and conservative. Beige people will not take risks. If you can’t take a small risk with your wardrobe, how can you possibly be interesting?  This is not the person you want to invite to a party, unless you need furniture for the corner.  

  • They have no sense of style. If you have a burning desire to wear beige, please coordinate it with a bright accessory or a bright wardrobe piece that has a significant spark of color. Don’t wear beige because it matches everything, and it allows you to be lazy.  

  • Their house is beige so they can sell it easily.  The walls are varying shades of beige, and so are the carpets and floors. Most likely the residents are wearing beige, so they can adequately morph into their surroundings.

My advice to anyone who just can’t break their beige habit is to move out of their comfort zone and get uncomfortable.   Embrace color with your own individuality so that the world can benefit from your unique contribution.  Remember, beige is boring…are you?

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